Tuesday, August 5, 2008

POF and musings on video vs text interviews

I noticed that we were not the only ones to observe on plastic optical fiber (POF) at the IPTV World conference, where we recorded several videos on the topic http://www.broadbandhomecentral.com/videos-IPTV_WF_NA_08.html. Today's issue of Fierce IPTV http://www.fierceiptv.com/story/pof-presents-another-wiring-option/2008-08-05?utm_medium=nl&utm_source=internal&cmp-id=EMC-NL-FI&dest=FI noted that Swisscom is a leading deployer of POF, and that the technology has received most of its attention in Europe thus far.

Speaking of videos, we are still figuring out which medium to use where. One of our BBH Report readers that said that she still preferrs text interviews over video. I am speculating on whether this is because you can skim a text interview, pick out if there is anything of interest, and then focus on that section. With simple videos you have to watch the whole thing--and might not find anything you really wanted to know.

I wonder what other people are doing and find useful. For example, should there be a breif text summary of the main points, with links to the section of the video where that topic is discussed? Could be... But that means yet another layer of work to get these things online. Comments??

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