Friday, August 1, 2008

Finally--we have 4 videos on YouTube

I know this all will be much easier the 2nd time through--but there were an amazing number of things I didn't know when we did our first interviews at IPTV World in Chicago. Like--YouTube has a max length of 10 minutes for a video--and our interviews were longer. Or like--you need to do something special before you record if you want to be able to edit audio and video tracks separately --at least with the editor we are using (which is Ulead Video Studio 11). ...and more.

One of the interviews was with a very charming guy named Armen, from a French company called Witbe. company is very interesting--and Armen also has a very captivating smile.

It is great that this is done but now come a whole new load of "learning opportunities". Like where to put links to these, how to syndicate and lots more. Life in this age of technology can never be dull--there is always something new to learn

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