Friday, August 15, 2008

PCs and broadband--life's essentials?

We're about to start the remodeling of our second "broadband condo" in Sanibel. On Monday the contractor starts dismantling everything, so today we gave away virtually all the furniture. We'll be putting in new furnishings when the reconstruction is done.

As with our previous condo (which we still own) we'll be putting in some structured wiring, wireless, a sound system, 3 flat screen HDTVs and probably a Skype phone.

Looking around the condo this afternoon had me musing on what the essentials of life really are. We have a bed, the refrigerator is still here and we have our porch table as a temporary desk, eating spot, etc. However, the things that are most prominently still here are 4 PCs (3 laptops and 1 desktop), our cable modem, our Homeplug setup and an old TV. I've posted a few pictures of our temporary digs--they show what we can't live without. Oh yes, the other thing we do have is a couple of bottles of wine--one more essential of roughing it :-)

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